COVID-19 Training Consent

for use by Higham Town Football Club

Training is back on!, but we want your consent.

You will already be aware of the controls we are putting in place for training to return to Lancaster Park.  If not, it can be found HERE via our news feed.

We did not want to kick things off without firstly ensure you were fully happy to proceed.  It is important for us that you understand that whilst we will try our best to ensure control, we can only do so much.  This really is unprecedented times and we need to be clear on that.

Below is a consent form which you MUST have filled out and submitted before your child will be allowed to train at the club during these COVID-19 restrictions.

We recommend you read the guidance for players and parents/carers from the Football Association.  These links can be found on this page, either to the right (if on desktop) or below (if on mobile).

Player Consent Form